Providers News and Updates

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As of January 15, 2022, dental providers in the HUSKY Health network no longer need to request prior authorizations for a second annual periodic examination and cleaning for Adult HUSKY members who have designated medical conditions. The CT Dental Health Partnership has automated the authorization of additional services for your patients with chronic disease conditions that we are able to document from their medical claims. New Adult HUSKY Health patients who have designated medical conditions will have PAs generated for recall visits in the month after you submit your initial claim.

In addition, when HUSKY Health members need services from you that require approval, The Connecticut Dental Health Partnership will start sending letters to members listing services that have been approved through the Prior Authorization process. These letters will start going out in early 2022 and will include the approved procedure codes and descriptions for major services.

We hope that this communication will encourage the member to schedule a timely appointment with you to have their dental work completed. The letter also includes the number for our Member Services team, should they have any questions.

Please click here to read the communication letter online.