Dental Provider Toolkit

dentist talking with a patient

Welcome to your Dental Provider Toolkit. This is your “one-stop shop” for benefit and fee references, forms and compliance and reference materials

Dental Coverage List

This grid includes the dental benefits / procedures along with their ADA Codes and limitations by HUSKY Health plan. Updated: 12/27/23 and revised 1/9/24.

HUSKY Dental Fee Schedule

Document Date: 1/1/23. Updated 1/1/23.

Note: Excel compatible version can be downloaded from Click on Provider Tab – Provider Fee Schedule Download – Dental – CSV version

Dental Provider Forms and Compliance

Here is where you will find forms you may need along with compliance requirements including Informed consent and treatment templates and our Provider Survey.

Provider Reference Materials

Learn ways that medical dental integration across health systems, medical practices, and community organizations promote health.

Medical Dental Integration and ABC Program

This part of the tool box includes many clinical links and information in the following areas: Dentures, Orthodontics, Anesthesia, Early Childhood, Perinatal, Oral Cancer, Special Needs and Abuse/Neglect.