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The Connecticut Dental Health Partnership is the Dental Plan for HUSKY Health and is administered by BeneCare Dental Plans under a contract with the Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS).

DSS is the single state agency responsible for the administration of the State’s Connecticut Medicaid Assistance Program and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Medicaid and CHIP are collectively described as the HUSKY Health Program.

The Connecticut Dental Health Partnership (CTDHP) operates a responsive Member Services Call Center for approx. 1 million Connecticut residents who benefit from dental and oral healthcare as a part of HUSKY Health (Medicaid) programs. There are also teams of statewide Community Engagement Specialists and Oral Health Navigators to provide training and help members with more complex oral healthcare needs.

The Partnership oversees a broad network of dental providers who provide quality services to HUSKY Health members.

The Connecticut Dental Health Partnership also handles the Grievance and Appeals process. Grievance and Appeals Representatives are here to help you understand why a service may or may not be covered and guide you through all the steps in the appeals process.

The Connecticut Dental Health Partnership is committed to achieving Oral Health Equity. Our mission is to enable all HUSKY Health members to achieve and maintain good oral health. We work to ensure all members have equitable access to oral health services.