The CT Dental Health Partnership has a team of Dental Health Care Specialists who can provide training in person and/or virtually for your staff or for your clients. Presentations can be customized to the general profile of your team and your clients (children, adolescents, moms-to-be, seniors, those with existing diseases or conditions, special needs, etc.) and conducted in English and Spanish

Here is a sampling of training options:

General Training for Clients

(Time Range: 10 minutes – 1 hour)

Learn About HUSKY Health Dental Benefits – Find out about the Connecticut Dental Health Partnership, what we do, how we can help and learn about HUSKY dental benefits.

Oral Health Tips for Clients

(Time Range: 10 minutes – 1 hour)

Understand the importance of oral health, learn what good oral health looks like and how to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Discover the importance of fluoride varnish.

The Oral Health Imperative – for Staff

(Time Range: 10 minutes – 1 hour)

Brief overview of HUSKY Health dental benefits; the importance of clients having a regular dental home where they receive all of their oral healthcare. How your organization can assist families who are in the HUSKY Health program.

HUSKY Health Dental Plan- for Professionals

(Time Range: 10 minutes – 1 hour)

Coming Soon!

CEU and Professional Education Credits to Social Workers, Community Health Workers, and more!