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Provider Bulletins / Policy Updates

For dates of service April 1, 2023, and forward, dental providers/clinics must bill Current Dental Terminology (CDT) code D0140-Limited oral evaluation-problem focused instead of CDT code D0190 – Screening of a Patient when billing the dental component of the multi-disciplinary examination (MDE). There will be a newer code added to the fee schedule for this purpose and the code will be included in a future policy transmittal on Multi-Disciplinary Examinations (MDEs).

With the PHE unwinding, State Medicaid Programs will once again check member eligibility for Medicaid that had been suspended during COVID-19 and the resulting Public Health Emergency.  Many members will not renew automatically and will need to re-apply and submit documentation to remain on HUSKY Health.   The Department of Social Services wants to make sure that HUSKY members don’t lose coverage — especially those with high-risk conditions and most in need of continued health services.

Dental Provider Newsletters

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