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HUSKY Health/Medicaid Renewals are Happening

Before the pandemic, HUSKY Health (Connecticut’s Medicaid Program) members had to meet eligibility requirements in order to keep their healthcare coverage. During the pandemic the termination process was paused, which means many Medicaid members were able to keep their insurance even if they no longer qualified based on their income. Starting in March 2023, HUSKY A, B, and D members will be reviewed for eligibility on a monthly basis. But don’t worry, if you’re a HUSKY Health member who needs to take any action, you will be informed about how to complete your renewal and stay covered. That could mean staying covered by HUSKY Health if you continue to qualify, or it could mean choosing a new, no- or low-cost health coverage option, such as the Covered Connecticut Program or a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) from Access Health CT (AHCT).

If you’re a HUSKY C member, the renewal process is similar. Members will be reviewed for eligibility on a monthly basis, and you can keep your information updated through MyDSS to get important information about the renewal process.

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Here are 7 Things HUSKY Health Members Should Know to Stay Covered

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