Thanksgiving Blessings – November 2021

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Thanksgiving dinner with cartoon teeth

Hello my friends!    I can’t believe it, we are here in November already!    November is a very special time because it marks the beginning of transition from the warmer months to the colder months.  It also reminds me of my little darlings, baby teeth.    Just as the mother birds push their babies out of the nest, so do your teeth.  Did you know that your baby teeth (also called primary teeth) will fall out as your new adult teeth (permanent teeth) grow into your mouth pushing the baby teeth out?  That is a big reason for me to give thanks.

Your Teeth Have Different Jobs

As I let you know before, your teeth help you bite into your apple or sandwich, they help your jaws grow and form they help you to speak clearly and one of my favorite jobs is they make you look awesome!  So, what are each tooth’s job?  Well, you have 20 baby teeth and 32 adult teeth.  Your baby teeth only have 1 set of molars and no premolars like adult teeth!

Your incisor teeth are the four teeth on the top and bottom of your mouth, they play a very important job with speech.  These teeth help you make the “S” and “F” sounds.  The incisors also help you bite into foods so your molar teeth can help chew the food.  Next to these incisor teeth are the teeth called canines.  Canines got their name because they resemble the same teeth in dogs.  Canines are the cornerstones of your mouth and together with the incisor teeth, these are called your anterior teeth.

Right behind your canine teeth are teeth called premolars.  At one time, these teeth were named bicuspids but that was changed because they look more like a cross between canine teeth and molars.  Essentially, they are teenage molars!    The job of these teenage teeth is to end the biting stage and begin the chewing process for your food.  Behind the premolar teeth are your molars.  With your baby teeth, you have just 1 set of molars which equals four teeth.  When you get your permanent teeth, you have three sets of teeth and there are a total of 12 molars!  Your third molar, which is the last to come into your mouth is called the wisdom tooth.  The third molar got this name because it grows in when you are a teenager and it was thought to mark your adulthood when you become wiser.

Your anterior teeth make you look awesome!  Who can refuse a bright smile with shining pearly whites?  Not me!  When you take care of your teeth, they will last you for your entire life and they will help to take care of you.   Nothing looks worse than teeth that have not been taken care of.  Eating foods with a lot of sugar cause cavities and also help break down your teeth.  The bacteria that live in your mouth make acids which slowly dissolve the tooth’s outer coat which is called enamel.  That is why it is important for you to eat healthy foods and only snack once in a while.  Of course, don’t forget to give your pearly whites a bath and scrubbing every day!

Happy Thanksgiving

During this time of Thanksgiving the other Tooth Fairies and I are going to share a healthy meal and give thanks for teeth and all of the good work that dentists can do to help you keep them healthy.  Ta ta my friends!  I hope you have a Happy and blessed Thanksgiving!  Give thanks for your teeth!

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