Maintaining your Oral Health During these COVID Times & Information on Vaccines

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About Oral Health Care in Times of COVID

What you can expect when you go back to the Dentist

An October 2020 report published in The Journal of the American Dental Association found that fewer than one percent of dentists nationwide were found to have had COVID-19 and 99 percent of dentists were using enhanced infection control procedures such as screening protocols and enhanced disinfection practices when treating patients. Additionally, a study published in February 2021 also found a low infection rate of COVID-19 among dental hygienists. Here are a few things to expect when making your next dental appointment: COVID-19: What to Expect When Your Dentist’s Office Reopens (

Before Your Appointment

  • Your dental office may call you before your appointment and ask you some questions about your current health
  • They may also repeat these questions when you arrive
  • They may also ask that you limit the number of people you bring to the appointment

During Your Appointment

  • You will be asked to wear a mask to your appointment.
  • When you arrive at the dental office, you may be asked to wait outside until they’re ready for you.
  • When you enter the office, you may have your temperature taken
  • Inside the office, you may notice things people often touch in the waiting room – like toys or magazines – have been removed.
  • They may have hand sanitizer available for you to use and may wipe down items you touch, such as pens, clipboards or furniture.
  • Your dentist may also be using different protective equipment than they’ve used at previous appointments.

After Your Appointment

  • After your appointment is over, the staff will thoroughly clean the areas where you’ve to prepare for the next patient.

Mouthwashes show promise for stopping COVID-19 spread

Two types of mouthwashes showed promise for halting transmission of the novel coronavirus in a recent in vitro study in Pathogens. Both Listerine and chlorhexidine gluconate slowed or stopped the virus from replicating without harming oral tissues. Please see the link for further information.

Source: Dr. BiCuspid; 3/26/21

About the Vaccines

Current Eligibility – As of May 13, 2021: Eligible to everyone age 12 and over. Details Here.
Current Information and StatisticsInfo Here.
Find Clinics in Your Area – Find Clinics.

Transportation is available for COVID Vaccine Appointment

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