Equity, Availability, and Member Voices: 2023 CTDHP Reports

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The Connecticut Dental Health Partnership has issued three new reports, all which help us better understand the HUSKY Health population we serve, the disparities that exist in dental utilization and availability of dental care.  The reports present findings as well as potential solutions for closing gaps toward improving oral health throughout Connecticut.

2023 Oral Health Equity Report

The adult, rural, male gender, Asian, and African American communities are experiencing oral health disparities within the Connecticut Medicaid population. Five disparities are reviewed along with seven policy recommendations for stakeholders to consider toward advancing oral health equity in Medicaid. Broad and targeted interventions the Connecticut Dental Health Partnership will implement over the next two years are also outlined.
View the Oral Health Equity Report.

2023 Appointment Availability Report

Wait times to be seen by a HUSKY Health dental provider are increasing. Results of the study show that while wait times for children have increased within expected norms, wait times for adults have increased significantly. There are also stark differences in availability in rural areas compared to the state’s more urban core and urban periphery regions. The number of dental office locations that report they are not accepting HUSKY Health members or who are not accepting new HUSKY Health members at the time of the study has also increased.
View the Appointment Availability Report.

2023 Member Survey Report

Overall member’s experiences are positive with respondents reporting quality experiences with their dental providers. However, barriers persist including finding dentists who accept HUSKY Health for adults and among specialists, lack of coverage for certain services, and a need for more transparency and opportunities for members to be informed of their dental plan benefits.
View the Member Survey Report.

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