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Hi!  Dr. Tooth Fairy Here!

Are you about to lose one of your baby teeth?  Or did a baby tooth just fall out? Maybe you want some tips on brushing and flossing?  Or, you want to know what to expect when you go to the dentist or pediatrician?  Don’t worry.  Dr. Tooth Fairy is here to help.

For a limited time, you can listen to Dr. Tooth Fairy who is visiting the Connecticut Dental Health Partnership during February’s National Children’s Dental Health Month.  She wants to talk to children of all ages and their parents too!  Dr. Tooth Fairy will help children understand what happen with a wiggly tooth and why brushing their teeth and getting to see the dentist is so important.



833-88-FAIRY (833-883-2479).  That is the magic number.

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You can listen to Dr. Tooth Fairy talk about the importance of sealants to keep your teeth strong, the importance of fluoride and how you can eat snacks that are good for your teeth on Dr. Tooth Fairy’s personal phone line – in English and Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Arabic.

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Brought to you by: The CT State Dental Foundation and the CT Dental Health Partnership

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Dr Tooth Fairy 1 Eng Tooth

Dr Tooth Fairy 2 Eng Seal

Dr Tooth Fairy 3 Eng Snack

Dr Tooth Fairy 4 Eng Brush

Dr Tooth Fairy 5 Eng Fluoride

Dr Tooth Fairy 1 Sp Tooth

Dr Tooth Fairy 2 Sp Seal

Dr Tooth Fairy 3 Sp Snack

Dr Tooth Fairy 4 Sp Brush

Dr Tooth Fairy 5 Sp Fluoride

Tooth Fairy 1 PT Tooth

Tooth Fairy 2 PT Seal

Tooth Fairy 3 PT Snack

Tooth Fairy 4 PT Brush

Tooth Fairy 5 PT Fluoride

Tooth Fairy 1 PL Tooth

Tooth Fairy 2 PL Seal

Tooth Fairy 3 PL Snack

Tooth Fairy 4 PL Brush

Tooth Fairy 5 PL Fluoride

Tooth Fairy 1 AR Tooth

Tooth Fairy 2 AR Seal

Tooth Fairy 3 AR Snack

Tooth Fairy 4 AR Brush

Tooth Fairy 5 AR Fluoride