Children’s Dental Health Month Art Contest – Winners Announced

What you will find on this page:

Winning Entry

We hope you like Dorothy’s winning entry (age 6).  We especially liked her pointing out the importance of brushing, flossing and fluoride varnish treatments (for children up to age 7) and how important all are to maintaining good oral health.

Thank you to ALL the entrants of the 2022 Children’s Dental Health Month Art Contest.  The drawings were thoughtful and well constructed resulting in a difficult job for our contest judges.

Contest winners will receive goodie bags in the mail as well as certificates.  And all participants will receive certificates of participation.

Additional Winners

What does good oral health look like?  Winners in the other age categories are as follows:

Mutassim (age 8)

Mariah (Age 13)

Olesia (Age 14)

Contest Post

December 30, 2021

You don’t have to be a “Superhero” to have a healthy mouth!

Show us what good oral health looks like.

In preparation for Children’s Dental Health Month in February, the Connecticut Dental Health Partnership is launching an Art Contest for HUSKY Health members up to age 18. Simply submit your drawing to win a bag of goodies and have your artwork published in our next Member newsletter, website and on social media.  Your art can be in any art medium (paints, crayons, pencil, markers, chalk, etc.). Submissions can also be produced in digital form, using online applications i.e. PowerPoint, Photography, Social Media posts, etc. Digital images and photography must be completely original.

Contest begins January 7th, 2022 and runs through February 20th, 2022.  The winner’s art will be shared in our e-News to Members
and on our website and Social Media.

Download this Flyer for more information on Eligibility, Formats, Awards, How the Winner will be Selected and an Application Form.

Art Contest Flyer

Art Contest Flyer – Spanish