Providers News and Updates

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Retroactive for dates of service April 1, 2023, and forward, procedure code G0330 will be added to the Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) fee schedule. Dental providers who perform dental services in the ASC are responsible for obtaining prior authorization (PA) or post procedure review (PPR), when applicable, and billing Gainwell Technologies directly for the dental services that they perform.
A new bulletin has been published. View the bulletin here.

For dates of service April 1, 2023, and forward, dental providers/clinics must bill Current Dental Terminology (CDT) code D0140-Limited oral evaluation-problem focused instead of CDT code D0190 – Screening of a Patient when billing the dental component of the multi-disciplinary examination (MDE). There will be a newer code added to the fee schedule for this purpose and the code will be included in a future policy transmittal on Multi-Disciplinary Examinations (MDEs).

With the PHE unwinding, State Medicaid Programs will once again check member eligibility for Medicaid that had been suspended during COVID-19 and the resulting Public Health Emergency.  Many members will not renew automatically and will need to re-apply and submit documentation to remain on HUSKY Health.   The Department of Social Services wants to make sure that HUSKY members don’t lose coverage — especially those with high-risk conditions and most in need of continued health services.